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15.11.18 Robotic process automation


RPA for valve production

Kieffer AS is contracted for a new mission within robotisation and automation of production line. (RPA, Robotic Process Automation).

26.06.18 Hydropower


Turbine on the way to its dam in France

Great mention of the Turbinator-project in a publication of French energy company EDF.

The turbine will arrive to its final destination this week after a successfully FAT earlier this month.

See the whole publication here.


01.06.17 New turbine project


Seafrog AS is contracted for the design and engineering of CleanPowers next PM turbine.




28.03.17 Offshore lifting operation & subsea pipe laying


Kieffer AS is contracted in a new project related to offshore lifting operations and subsea pipe laying. Our role is to verify the market potential of the innovation, work out a budget for the start-up and verify the technical feasibility of the product. The result of the study is further used to write a business plan and prepare for project founding.  

28.11.2016 MORE to the seismic exploration industry


SEAFROG AS is contracted in a new seismic project to develop and optimize an innovative device that will considerably simplify maintenance operations performed from work boats.

15.09.2016 hybrid technology


Kieffer AS is contracted in a new project within hybrid technology on board ferries and offshore vessels. Our role is to verify the market potential of the innovation, work out a budget for the start-up and verify the technical feasibility of the product.

09.03.2016 product development project for the seismic exploration industry


SEAFROG AS has today signed an agreement for development of a new product with a leading ship owner in the seismic exploration industry. 


11.02.2016 Mini-turbine to give more power


Press release from Agder Energy about CleanPower's Turbinator to be inaugurated 31.05.2016 at Iveland 2 Power Station.

Kieffer AS acts as Technical Manager at Cleanpower AS since 2012.

See press release her



08.02.2016 NEW company - SEAFROG AS

All activity of technical nature of KIEFFER AS is transfered to SEAFROG AS from February 2016. This includes both technical consultancy and delivery of technical solutions and equipment.

01.02.2016 Virtual prototyping at Fosnavaag ocean academy

An innovative way to improve and test a product virtually...

Fosnavaag Ocean Academy (FOSAC), Offshore Simulator Center (OSC) and Kieffer West Technology AS (KWT) will co-operate at the implementation of KWT's new product in the offshore simulator.

The goal of the project is to optimize the product by using iterative testing together with the end-user.

The project in sponsered by CGE Blue Innovation / ÅKP.

12.12.2015 PLAny roller door
11.12.2015 PLAny roller door



OCT 2014 Ship building & Robotics

New exiting project bringing in rototics to ship building in order to automate demanding tasks in harsh environments.

July 2014 Subsea + Logistics


New project related to the logistics of critical components needed in subsea and offshore operations.


April 2014 New project


Kieffer AS is chosen by Plany AS to develop and bring to the market a new product for the maritime industry. 


Jan 2014


Launching of training courses and workshops focused on Design and Product Development in Innovative Environments.






Mars 2013

Customer Journey Mapping - Looking for optimization potential related to offshore supply operation in the North Sea.